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September (10th) Meeting: Brown Iron Brewhouse / Washington
The lunch meeting will take place on Sunday 9/10 at noon.  This meeting is being arranged by Rickie.

[Image: external.png]Brown Iron Brewhouse
57695 Van Dyke ([Image: external.png]map link)
Washington, MI 48094

[Image: 2_22_08_16_10_11_17.png]

Brown Iron has a large selection of beers, with smokehouse cuisine.  Take a look at the menu [Image: external.png]here.
Thanks for arranging this one, Rickie!
See you there, cant wait to meet some more members from the group. The Triple Nickel Ride was a great weekend event to meet some members and enjoy the hills of southern Ohio.

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Smokey & I  will be there  Cool
I'm stuck going to my mother in law's in GR for Saturday. Unless I can get my wife motivated to get out of there early enough on Sunday morning, I'll end up missing this one.
I can't make this one.  It's the day of my annual golf outing.
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