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Poll: Will you be attending? Please vote for one option of each color.
This poll is closed.
(1) Yes, just me
7 35.00%
(1) Yes, me + guest(s)
1 5.00%
(1) No, I can't make this one
4 20.00%
(2) Bowling first (10:30am), then meeting
4 20.00%
(2) Meeting only (@ noon)
4 20.00%
Total 20 vote(s) 100%
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January (14th) Meeting: Pinz Bowling Alley / South Lyon
The agenda for this meeting is posted.  Please feel free to suggest any agenda items to be added.

The January GLRR meeting will take place at Pinz Bowling Alley in South Lyon, starting at noon on Sunday January 14th.  If you're coming, please vote for one of the blue poll options and one of the red ones also, so we are able to reserve lane(s) and lunch space.

[Image: external.png]Pinz Bowling Center
700 North Lafayette ([Image: external.png]map)
South Lyon, MI 48178
(248) 437-0700

We'll order off the menu and bowling will be available for us starting at 10:30am (before the meeting).  Please come bowl!  There is also an option, if you don't want to order lunch, to get a pancake deal.  You can get all-u-can-eat pancakes and all-u-can-bowl bowling for $10 between 9am and noon.
[Image: 2_25_01_15_3_55_02.png]
I thought we were going to try for one of the bowling alleys around Novi this time. I'm good either way, just need to clarify what we voted on.
I like the Novi suggestion, it's a little closer to home for me.
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(12-11-2017, 08:39 AM)Toboggan Wrote: I thought we were going to try for one of the bowling alleys around Novi this time.  I'm good either way, just need to clarify what we voted on.

This one is all set up for Pinz, but if you can get something lined up quickly, we still have time to change it.

I remember some loose conversation about trying for Novi area, but I don't remember the vote being to do it in Novi and have you figure it out.  What I got for the vote/minutes was Pinz.

Tagging Toboggan
Sometimes, it's pretty hard to hear everything in a loud bar. If the motion wasn't clear to everyone, it seems that the Secretary's understanding should be the official one.

Maybe we can learn from this and find some way to improve the process for the future. Would it be worth having the Secretary send the minutes to the Director who chaired the meeting before posting them? Or, would that be an unnecessary procedural complication?

FWIW, I think we might as well stick with Pinz in South Lyon. They've had decent food in the past, and it's already set up. The only bowling alleys I know of in Novi are Lucky Strike, which seems a bit pricey, and Novi Bowl, which I haven't checked out yet. It's possible we might have ended up at Pinz, anyway.

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