**October 9th Lunch Meeting and Ride**

The fall color change will soon be here! COME JOIN US for the next Great Lakes Road Riders meeting on 10/09/2016. We’ll get started at noon at the New Hudson Inn located in New Hudson. See this thread for all the details, and to vote in the attendance poll so we can give the establishment an idea of how many of us they can expect.


It’s Time to Celebrate!

About the Great Lakes Road Riders

The Great Lakes Road Riders group and web site were started in August 2010, and “went official” with our formative meeting in November 2010. We started the group for a number of reasons, and we maintain these as our foundational and ongoing goals:

* Facilitate as much riding as possible — both in the state of Michigan and beyond

* Create a forum for discussion of motorcycles and all things relating to motorcycles and riding

* Give members a voice in all aspects and decisions pertinent to the group

* Raise money for charities, such as the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation

Riding together, as frequently and as safely as possible, is our primary purpose. The love of motorcycles (riding, admiring, etc.) brings us together, and the roads that we start and end our rides on are what keep us connected.

Happy 5th Anniversary, Great Lakes Road Riders!