**November 12th Lunch Meeting and Annual Elections**

Come on out and join us at the Zukey Lake Tavern (Pinckney) on November 12th for the monthly meeting and the all-important annual elections. Director positions will need to be filled, as well as secretary and treasurer — we need your help! As a reminder, these positions requirements for the Great Lakes Road Riders to maintain our charitable organization status and protect the name of our group from others who might wish to use it themselves (has already happened once).

We’ll also conduct our annual Landmark Ride Raffle prize drawing during this meeting. Click here for more information concerning this all-important, annual event. Please vote in the attendance poll so we can coordinate accordingly with Zukey Lake Tavern. And let’s hope there’s no crystalline sunshine nor roadway salt!

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Great Lakes Road Riders Volunteers Needed!

4 Directors – two two-year positions and two one-year positions
1 Treasurer
1 Secretary / Attendance Monitor

These are vitally important voluntary positions for the following reasons:

• Necessary to maintain the Great Lakes Road Riders’ 501(c)3 non-profit, charitable organization status

• Necessary to prevent other motorcycle groups from using the Great Lakes Road Riders group name – this has already happened once, previously

Please help to keep the Great Lakes Road Riders group going strong. Please consider volunteering for these vitally necessary and important Great Lakes Road Riders positions. Volunteers will be sought and elections held during the upcoming Sunday November 8th lunch meeting at the Zukey Lake Tavern in Pinckney: ( more info ).

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